Doctors Who Treat Free In India

Doctors Who Treat Free In India
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Dr Bhakti Yadav
MBBS ( Age 91) 
91-year-old gynaecologist in Indore has been treating her patients for free since 1948. She is the first female MBBS doctor from Indore and her inspiring spirit to serve patients till her last breath is laudable. In the 68 years of her career, Dr Bhakti Yadav has helped deliver thousands of babies, without taking any fees from her patients.

Even though she is not able to treat many patients because of her age, her advice is valued far and wide.

Dr Anshuman Kumar
MBBS, MS, MRCS (Surgeon)
He provides free medical advice and free generic medicines too. Kumar visits Kasna (a small village in Noida) on every Thursday and treats patients free of cost and that too sitting on a mat.

Dr Sunilkumar Hebbi
MBBS (Age 33)
Dr Sunilkumar from Vijayapura (formerly known as Bijapur) in North Karnataka has conducted more than 650 free medical camps with his money in and around Bengaluru.

He also runs Vatsalya Poly Clinic in Sarjapur on the outskirts of Bengaluru, where he treats around 60 to 70 patients every day.

Known as people’s doctor, he charges a meagre Rs. 30 for consultation. With medicines and basic diagnoses such as blood pressure and sugar check-up, he charges Rs. 100. He treats daily 10 to 15 poor patients for free.

Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee

Civil assistant surgeon (Age 75)

Mukherjee’s consultation fee has remained Rs.5 for several decades. (That Rs. 5 is considered free when doctors are charging Rs. 500-100) 

“My message to doctors is that they examine and attend to at least one poor patient every day free of charge. If all the doctors in India can do this, it would be a great service to humanity,” Mukherjee.

“I have seen many patients suffer because of incorrect diagnosis. Patients with arthritis come with great pain and even if I am not able to cure them fully, they get good relief and begin to walk,” Mukherjee.

Dr Yogi Aeron

Plastic Surgeon (Age 80)
An 80-year-old doctor in Dehradun Uttarakhand, who treats burn patients for free and also performs surgery if required. On an average, he treats 500 patients every year.

At present, there are nearly 10,000 patients on the waiting list, mostly from the Himalayan region.

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