Historic Bridge Collapses in the Past 100 Years

September 11, 1916: Quebec Bridge, Canada
Due to a design flaw, the actual weight of the bridge was heavier than its carrying capacity, which caused it to collapse twice, first in 1907. 
Deaths: 95, from both tragedies

December 15, 1967: Silver Bridge, connecting Point Pleasant, W. Va. and Kanauga, Ohio 

After 39 years of increasingly heavy traffic loads, a stress fracture opened in a link near the Ohio end of the eye-bar suspension bridge. 
Deaths: 46

July 17, 1981: Hyatt Regency skywalks, Kansas City

Two suspended walkways were crowded with people, some who were dancing. Architects theorized after the collapse that vibrations by the dancers might have contributed to the structural breakdown, as did the sheer weight of the crowd. 
Deaths: 114

June 28, 1983: Mianus Bridge, Greenwich, Conn.

A 100-ft. section of a Connecticut Turnpike bridge collapsed after one of the pins used in its construction had been sheared.
Deaths: 3

October 21, 1994, Songsu bridge, Seoul, South Korea

A central section of the structure sheared off during the morning rush hour and plunged into the Han river. It was determined that the collapse was the result of the combination of a mistake in maintenance and defective designs and construction work.
Deaths: 31

January 4, 1999: Rainbow Bridge, Qijiang County, China

Investigations into the collapse showed that the steel used in construction was of inferior quality and that the accident resulted from official dereliction of duty by several government officials, one of whom was sentenced to death.
Deaths: 49 people

March 4, 2001: Hintze-Ribeiro Bridge, Portugal

While the cause of the collapse has yet to be determined, a Portuguese judge threw out a lawsuit against the River Douro's Navigability Institute and technicians responsible for safety planning.
Deaths: 59

August 28, 2003: Daman, India

Police had to impose a curfew after the collapse when grieving townspeople attacked government buildings in protest, claiming that authorities ignored warnings about the bridge's frail condition.
Deaths: 25

November 7, 2005: Motorway bridge at Almu├▒ecar, Granada, Spain

A 180-ft. the span of a partially built bridge collapsed and plunged 240 ft. onto a section of Spain's Mediterranean coastal motorway.
Deaths: 6

December 2, 2006: Bridge in Bihar, India

A 150-year-old bridge that was being dismantled crashed on the train near the Bhagalpur railway station.
Deaths: 33

March 15, 2018: Florida International University Bridge
Florida bridge collapses killing at least six people just days after it was installed in just six hours The £10million bridge was being built to make it safer for students to cross the 'perilous' highway.
Deaths: 6 (Till Now)

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