India In Space

India In SpaceThere have been various milestones covered by ISRO since the launch in 1969. The main aim of ISRO is harnessing the space technology for the development of the nation. There have been various instances where ISRO managed to make everyone proud.

  • 1975: Launches India's first satellite - Aryabhatta.
  • 1983: Known as INSAT, ISRO launches nine satellite for communication and broadcast purposes.
  • 1993: Since 1993, PSLV has launched over 40 satellites from 40 different countries.
  • 2008: First lunar mission - Chandryaan - puts India in an elite club of six nations.
  • 2014: Has a successful mission to Mars. Mission Mangalyan cost 10 times less than the same mission undertaken by the US previously.
  • 2016: Launches low-cost space shuttle reusable launch vehicle at Rs 95 crore.
  • 2016: Launches a record 20 satellites from United States, Canada, Germany and Indonesia.
  • 2016: Creates India's own satellite navigation system IRNSS.
  • 2017: Successfully tests GSLV MK3 to enable India to send man to space by 2020.
  • 2017: Launches 104 satellites in one go - the most by any space agency ever.


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