Pollution Under Control (PUC) Is A Mess In India

Every one knows Pollution Under Control or PUC certificate is one of the mandatory document for every vehicle owner while driving a motor vehicle in India. An auto emission centre with a computerised facility for checking a vehicle's pollution level can issue the Pollution under Control Certificate.

But let's talk about the facts: Do we really need to drive our vehicles to get the so-called certificate? An answer will be a huge NO. 

Why? because you can pay extra Rs.50/- (or whatever they charge) and get the certificate.

Even if you took the vehicle does the technician plug the equipment and run the test? An answer will be again a huge NO. 

Why? because the technician is only interested in the amount he is going to get above the nominal charge of PUC Certificate.

why is this happening? is this to blame upon that technician? if it's about the technician who has to blame then Govt and related dept should really look into this human making error thing in entire India.

As an Indian, every one of us is responsible to make this change and give our kids a clean air. No matter how costly wheels are you driving until the vehicle is not tested as per norms it is messing entire future of the human race because as per recent studies 50 to 60 percent air pollution is due to vehicles emissions. The smog, carbon monoxide, and other toxins emitted by vehicles are especially troubling because they leave tailpipes at street level, where humans breathe the polluted air directly into their lungs. That can make auto emissions an even more immediate health concern than toxins emitted high in the sky by industrial smokestacks.

Don't the part of this cruelty, try to give a clean air just by giving a proper test. 

Even Supreme Court has also pulled the chain to protect the air pollution by rolling a new rule out - "No insurance will be granted without valid PUC certificates" EPCAreport73

Nothing will work without your help, I hope next time at PUC centre you will do the needful to all of us.

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- Daryush

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