Problems of Social Media

We all know that with social networks and technology life is much easier when it comes to communicating, discovering situations from other parts of the world, learning about what happens on a day-to-day basis, meeting more people ...

It is rare that today people do not have a profile on any social network, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, especially among young people and teenagers.
But just as we are aware that social networks have many advantages, we must also know that they have many problems and problems that we must know in order to be able to use a social network well and moderately.

Connecting and sharing information today is easier than ever thanks to social networks, and as a result, more and more young people publish more information about their private lives on the web. If this is done in moderation and everyone thinks what they are going to hang up before doing it, it does not have to be a problem. But if you do not control the information that you are uploading to the network, as quickly as you publish it, this information may turn against you or may become public. We must be careful with what we publish.

We have been hooked for a long time and we feel the need to live connected continuously and we believe that we should be informed all the time of what is happening at every moment.

To abuse, a lot of the networks can cause us problems since many times we do not control the time that we exercise in these. More and more young people suffer addiction to social networks and this causes them, restlessness, lack of concentration and mood disturbances. There are people who are unable to spend a day without a mobile phone and the idea of not being able to check their social networks and update them seems impossible and alters their behaviour. 40% of adolescents feel alone if they do not have social networks available.

Those who have developed a high degree of dependence on social networks may end up suffering from anxiety and stress. When we reach this extreme, it is possible that later on, we begin to affect our day today. Also, when we spend a lot of time connected, we forget the most important thing, which is what is around us.

Learning to manage social networks is something important, beneficial and can favour our lives more than we think. This can help us to disconnect a little of these and enjoy more of everything that surrounds us.

Some tips:
  • Put some hours of use of social networks and mobile.
  • Try to organize our leisure time, without depending on these.
  • Being able to forget, for a while each day of the mobile and we are continually consulting.
  • When we are studying, do not have your mobile nearby so as not to distract us and focus on what we are doing.
  • Leave the phone in silence to forget a little about it and not to hear the notifications all the time. In this way, we will not have the need to use it that long.
  • At night, leave it in another place that is not your room, so you do not lose your rest time with social networks.
We must think and organize the use we make to social networks and in this way, everything will go much better than we think.

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