Things Wife Should Not Do With Husband

Things Wife Should Not Do With Husband
Each wife has a powerful influence on her husband. No matter how he does it, what he does or does not do, we wives have the ability to make him a great man, or damage him and destroy him. With great care and wisdom, a wife should always seek to build her husband. Everyday. Taking advantage of every opportunity.

He is going to fail us. Maybe it fails something. Sometimes he will do things by halves. He will act as if he did not know the Mahabharat. It will get in trouble. And it will definitely hurt our feelings. But it is in these moments where our reaction will define if we are going to help him succeed or fail.

1. DO NOT treat your husband as one of your children. It is very easy to find him doing something in a different way to yours, especially at home. But this does not deserve disrespect. Otherwise, your treatment of him must be with the utmost respect, as the head of your home.

2. DO NOT believe yourself more spiritual than him. It is true that we women are the ones who walk in prayer meetings, Bible studies, and we have all the devotional books that we can buy. This does not mean that he does not have a special relationship with God. Share what God is teaching you. Resist telling him what you think God wants him to do.

3. DO NOT talk about him and DO NOT talk more than him when you are with other people. Honestly, this looks ugly. For those who have quiet husbands, be even quieter. You're honorable.

4. DO NOT complain about him with other people. As a wife, you know all his faults and weaknesses. This is no reason to share them with others.

5. DO NOT compare it with others. He is unique. For something, you fell in love with him! He alone can do what God wants him to do. Other men are fulfilling other purposes. Let yours meet yours.

6. DO NOT mutter over and over again about the issue itself. You knew your words. Be patient. Forgives.

7. DO NOT make it feel like it falls short of your expectations. Do not have expectations and be content with all the good that he is and does for you.

8. DO NOT be afraid to make him see sins which he has to solve. Do not criticize it. Do not reject it. Do not become the victim. A wife is an ideal person to help her husband. If you have to seek help outside of marriage, do it with your permission, and do it only out of love for him. If your intention is to avenge yourself or make you feel bad, you will only be carrying more problems.

9. DO NOT always say the first thing that comes to mind. Again, it was wise. Seek to listen, understand and encourage.

10. DO NOT seek to live a life parallel to it. Do not refer to what they do as "YOUR work" and "MY interests". Get involved as much as you can in everything he does and what he likes. Involve him in everything you do, especially in the lives of your children.

11. DO NOT fall into the trap of being too busy to listen or serve. Society has too many distractions for women today. Let's not commit to doing everything that is available. Our priority must be our husband. After the children. After the home. And until later, the rest of options.

12. DO NOT neglect your appearance. Just because you are married does not mean that he does not deserve the best of you. Otherwise, look even more attractive to him. Remember that the best decoration you can wear is a genuine smile.

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