Goodbye Anxiety

Goodbye Anxiety

Excessive anxiety is an increasingly common condition in adults, young people, and even children. It is estimated that in the last decades, throughout Asian continent, anxiety levels have increased by 1,200%.

Although this figure is alarming and more and more we are getting used to living under enormous amounts of stress, luckily we know that there are ways to combat anxiety and take control of our psychological health. Put these 5 tips into practice and improve your quality of life from today.

Anxiety is the product of an excess of fear of the future. The human being developed the ability to anticipate and anticipate as an evolutionary tool that gives him advantages over other species and allows him to solve problems even before they appear.

However, this ability can play against us. We feel anxious when our mind is always in the future, trying to foresee and control the variables of what could happen. This is why we suffer episodes of anxiety during the night, before going to sleep, since this is the moment in which our brain projects towards the next day. It is very common that just when we should rest appear intrusive thoughts of the type: "what will happen tomorrow" , "how will I do to resolve this situation ...". We feel that if we think about the problems we can find an early solution, and in reality, we are only enlarging its dimension and we can not reach any conclusion.

1. Intercept and combat anxious thoughts

Anxiety feeds on anxiety. If you give free rein to anxious thoughts, you will end up going crazy. The anguish produced by anxiety works like a snowball and the only one that can stop it is you. First, you must intercept the bad thoughts. This means, identifying them at the moment they occur. When you discover yourself feeding intrusive and anxious ideas, stop. Try to focus your thought on the present moment, think of the past and not the future; focus on reliving some happy and peaceful memory. If this does not work, make a list. Take paper and pencil and write down the things that concern you and a possible solution(concrete and practical) for each one. The writing exercise will help you to rationalize the problems and give them a real dimension, in other words, it will not allow them to keep growing and spinning inside your head.

2. Meditate and breathe

This is the most frequent advice to fight anxiety, and is one of the most effective. If you have frequent anxious episodes try to enroll in a meditation course, acquiring this habit will greatly improve your quality of life. If definitely yours is not meditating, or episodes of anxiety are not frequent in you, when the future excess appears in your mind, breathe. But it is not about breathing in any way, a breathing technique inappropriate for the situation could be counterproductive. Concentrate on the air that enters your body and allow it to reach the lowest part of your lungs.If you feel that when you inhale your belly is inflated, you are doing well. If you are very stressed it is possible that the air you breathe is entering superficially to your body and is not providing you with the necessary oxygenation. That's why it's important that you pause to fill your lungs, to the bottom, with renewed air. When you do this you are releasing repressed and stress-laden carbon dioxide, and oxygenate your organs and blood. Your body will thank you.

3. Releases endorphins and relaxes your body

To achieve this, the best thing you can do is exercise. When you exercise you release endorphins and serotonin, two enzymes that your brain associates with the sensation of pleasure and well-being, but you also warm your entire body and allow yourself to relax your muscles. The sensation of heat can alter the neural circuits that control mood. Exercising is a good way to focus on the "here" and the "now." In other words, it helps you fight the excess of future that generates anxiety.

4. Try these natural antidotes

In addition to all the above, you can prepare an infusion of chamomile (camomile) or valerian or enjoy calm green tea. These three natural ingredients contain relaxing properties that will help your body to relax and warm up.

5. Avoid caffeine

When you are anxious you may feel that you need a coffee to give you energy and thus be able to solve all the problems that you anticipate. Do not! Caffeine will accelerate your body more , it will be the fuel that anxious thoughts need to grow. Never seek to accelerate when you are anxious. On the contrary, serénate and advance one step at a time.

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