Pentagon Secretly Conducted A Program On UFOs

Pentagon Secretly Conducted A Program On UFOs

The research program was carried out in the greatest secrecy. This Saturday, December 16, the New York Times reveals that the Pentagon, ie the US Department of Defense, studied, from 2007 to 2012, UFOs (unidentified flying objects). With an annual budget of US $ 600 million, US Defense has spent US $ 22 million ($ 18 million) on the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program". advanced aerospace threat identification ").

An issue is taken very seriously by the US government. The study, centered on the analysis of testimonies of the presence of UFOs, was led by a high-ranking officer, Luis Elizondo, who has since resigned from the Pentagon to protest against internal opposition to the program. In addition, according to him, the information discovered "should not be classified or kept secret". He says the research program is still going on but under a different name.

Funding for this mysterious study comes from Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid, who is passionate about strange aerospace phenomena

Funding for this mysterious study comes from Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid, who is passionate about strange aerospace phenomena.

"The truth is elsewhere"

"We do not have the answers"

Much of the funding was also distributed to an aerospace research company, led by a million-dollar friend of Senator Robert Bigelow. The latter has never hidden his "absolute conviction" of the existence of extraterrestrials. In addition, the New York Times states that "Bigelow Aerospace", headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is currently under contract with NASA. 

Participants in the program, among other things, studied many videos in which US military aircraft "encountered" unidentified objects. In the video below, shared by the Pentagon, two US Navy fighter jets cross an unidentified flying object, "the size of a Boeing",

Has the study found the answers to these questions that fuel fantasies? Obviously, no. In a tweet published on Saturday, Senator Reid writes, "If someone says he has the answer, he is wrong, we do not have the answers, but we have a lot of evidence that allows us to ask the questions. It's about science and national security - if America does not take responsibility for answering these questions, others will do it. "

An opinion shared by his friend Robert Bigelow, who said in an interview: "Our scientists are afraid of being ostracized, and our media are frightened by stigma." China and Russia are much more open and working on this. with smaller organizations such as Belgium, France, England or Latin American countries such as Chile, which is very active and willing to the subject, instead of being restrained by a childish taboo ".

According to Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the fact of not knowing the origin of an unidentified object does not mean that it comes from another planet or another galaxy. But she concedes: "When people claim to observe an unusual phenomenon, it is worth investigating seriously."

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