People With Rh Negative Blood Type Could Be Alien

People With Rh Negative Blood Type Could Be Alien

It may sound like a joke to many, but according to medical studies, people with Rh negative blood type lack the Rhesus factor.
Rhesus factor is a protein substance found in red blood cells in people who do not have this type of blood. Recent theories claim that these people may not be of this world.

Other theories indicate that these individuals would be nothing more and nothing less than a species of angelic or alien beings. In fact, it is clear that people with Rh negative blood type are unique, different and special since they can also be donors of anyone regardless of their blood type, on the other hand, when they need it, they can only use their own blood type.

It should be remembered that only 10% of the world population has this blood type and the majority comes from northern Europe. Today we have 4 types; O, A, B, and AB. The difference between them is the presence of proteins in the blood, something that does not have the Rh negative type.

Currently, the scientific community has been investigating the origins of this blood type and according to some studies, is connected to some groups and tribes that lived more than 30,000 years ago. Rh negative individuals share some common characteristics such as having hazel eyes, green or blue, having a higher IQ, being sensitive to heat, having a lower body temperature and more emotional and physical awareness.

A dark aspect among people with this blood type, involves pregnant women, the same ones who can not give birth to a baby with a positive Rhesus blood type since their bodies try to destroy the child. In this case, they are prescribed special solutions such as Rho (D) or anti-D immunoglobulin.

This is one of the reasons why it is suggested that extraterrestrials are involved with the negative O Rhesus blood type. Something that is even more extraordinary is that every reported abduction was done by people with this type of blood.

Therefore, as historical records also show, theorists believe that alien beings have probably changed the genetics of the human species.

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