Press This Point Of Your Ear For Physical And Emotional Relief

The basis of this practice is based on the idea that the auricular pavilion is a complete representation of the rest of the body. In reflexology and iridology, this type of maps is also used to treat through the ear, other parts of the body.

The Dr. Paul Nogier, recognized worldwide as the "father of Auriculotherapy," was a medical research scientist. He was the first to create a detailed cartography of the auricular pavilion to venture through these techniques, in more comprehensive aspects of health.

As a doctor, in particular, he practiced acupuncture, psychotherapy, and homeopathy among others. In 1951, his experience in these techniques led to the discovery of auricular therapy, which he developed for almost a decade. Auriculotherapy is related to acupuncture since it is usually practiced with Chinese needles. His method of treatment is an "acupuncture microsystem" by which various diseases are diagnosed and treated. It consists in the belief that the stimulation of certain nerve endings that are in the ear has an effect on a part of the organism related to that area.

The principle of Auriculotherapy is based on the fact that a point or a zone in the ear corresponds to an organ or a system. The mechanism of action is a reflex mechanism. In auriculotherapy, a pathological point is detected by the pain reaction from localized pressure.

The ancient Chinese called this point Shen Men or "The Gate of Heaven" because their treatment brings celestial energy to your body. Shen Men is a deep point that strengthens the overall health of your body, decreases stress and increases the flow of energy. This acupressure point also suppresses inflammation and addiction, and its treatment relieves pain in every part of your body. Massage the Shen Men point on the ear to relieve stress or the Door of Heaven that is located in the center of the upper third of the ear.

The properties of Shenmen Point

This point on the ear serves for the following:

Press This Point Of Your Ear For Physical And Emotional Relief

- Assists the stress, anxiety, depression, and sensitivity 
- Soothes aches head 
- Serena mind
- Calms anxiety
- restores normal sleep, if you have sleep disorders

Using a cotton swab, press this point and massage gently. Breathe deeply listening to your body carefully. Keep breathing deeply. When you inhale look to the left, and exhale by turning your head to the right. You can feel how your body calms down.

Additional advice: Massage this point also with your fingers. Massage well every time you are stressed. You can also repeat this technique every night before going to bed.

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