SERPO Project - A Program Of Exchange Between Aliens And Human Beings

SERPO Project - A Program Of Exchange Between Aliens And Human Beings

In 2005, an anonymous source sent a series of emails to a UFO Discussion Group led by the former employee of the United States government, Víctor Martínez. These emails detailed the existence of an exchange program between the government and the "Ebens": alien beings of Serpo, a planet of the Zeta Reticuli star system. The program was called "Serpo Project".
The source of the information was identified as a retired government employee, alleging that he had participated in a special program.

Serpo is a supposed planet of the binary star system ζ Reticuli 39 light years from Earth. The supposed celestial body would be slightly smaller than our planet and has a breathable atmosphere for humans.

It is populated by an extraterrestrial race known as Ebens, who would mostly live in fairly simple villages. The total population would be 650,000. According to the aforementioned, the Ebens are short stature and brown in color. "Ebens" is a term that comes from the acronym "EBE" which means "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity".


An Eben was a survivor of the 1947 flying saucer accident in Corona, New Mexico. In 1965, twelve American military astronauts left for what would be a ten-year mission to Serpo in a spaceship that was designed in reverse with the Corona dish and used antimatter as an energy source. The trip lasted ten months, at 40 times the speed of light.


Apparently, everything started in 2005 with an email sent to Víctor Martínez. The sender "Anonymous" claimed to be a retired official of the United States government with secret authorization.

The research conducted by "Reality Uncovered Network" led them to believe that "Anonymous" was Richard C. Doty, a former security guard from the Office of Special Investigators of the Air Force.

Steven Spielberg may have been aware of this story and adapted his 1977 award-winning film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in the details of the alleged event. Of course, many wondered how Spielberg found out about it.

In an interview, one year after the launch, the director indicated that NASA wrote him a 20-page letter asking him not to make that film, so he thought something must be happening.

In addition, a video on YouTube was published in July of 2017 about a conference held in Australia where history is discussed for about an hour and a half, including an interview with Steven Spielberg and several possible photos of the events; In addition, the lecturer keeps a very open mind about possible false elements and has no problem in reporting on them.

The origins of the program are related to the two UFO accidents in New Mexico in 1947, the famous Roswell incident and another in Corona, where it was claimed that an alien survived the accident and was transferred to the Alamos National Laboratory. The other 6 deceased aliens were placed in a freezing facility in the same laboratory.

Establishing communications with scientists and military personnel, the survivor provided them with the location of their planet of origin and continued cooperating until their death in 1952. The alien provided information regarding the items found within the crashed UFOs. One of the elements was a communication device that you are allowed to use, contact your planet of origin.

One thing led to the other and in 1965, the aliens agreed to take a group of humans to their planet as part of an exchange program. Twelve soldiers were carefully selected for a ten-year stay in Serpo.

The ten men and two women were specialists in various fields and their task was to gather as much information as possible about all aspects of life, society, and technology of the extraterrestrial planet.

When returning, in the year 1978, two men had died and a man and a woman decided to stay. The trip to Serpo took only nine months on board the alien ship. They learned that Serpo was a planet similar to ours, although smaller.

It orbited around a binary star system and the two suns indicated that there were higher levels of radiation and the twelve humans had to resort to special protection at all times; despite this, two of them died of complications.

Another difference was that the day lasted 43 hours (comparing it with hours on Earth) and never completely darkened; On the other hand, its inhabitants lived in small communities run by a large city.

This is the information that apparently was obtained from the mysterious project Serpo, an exchange program with real extraterrestrial beings and that caused an uproar in the networks worldwide. Many believe that this really happened because that call that Steven Spielberg received from NASA (or at least identified as such) to desist in the filming of his film leaves much to analyze.

What do you think about this supposed exchange?

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