Simple And Effective Steps To Remember Your Dreams

Simple And Effective Steps To Remember Your Dreams

It is known that if you can not remember your dreams it becomes much more difficult to have lucid dreams, so to begin with we must focus on increasing the memory of remembered dreams.
Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can remember most of your dreams, but if not, there are solutions for this and that there are several proven methods to achieve it, so with a few weeks of practice you will be able to remember more and more dreams.To begin with, we must ask ourselves the question: Would I really like to remember most of my dreams? Could I be unconsciously blocking my memory because I'm afraid of what I might see? Be honest with the answers and proceed to the following steps:

1. Wake up without moving: After waking up, do not open your eyes. Do not move, stay perfectly still.

2. Be slow: Take time to remember. Do not wake up thinking about the things you have to do that day. Do not let your mind flood your thoughts because the memory of your dream will begin to fade or disappear completely. Let your mind concentrate on what you have just dreamed.

3. Let your mind wander: Allow your mind to wander through the mental image it has. Once you remember part of your dream, relax and let the rest of the dream come together like a puzzle.

4. Divage the list of dreams in your mind: If you have absolutely no initial memory, start to go through the list of dreams in your head. This list should include people you know, activities, places, food, smells, music, anything that can stimulate fragments of dreams that float on the surface.

Allow your mind to wander through this list and wonder if a certain person or a certain place were part of the dream. Movement is often in dreams, so try to remember it. Did you walk, fly, run? Emotions in dreams are also very dominant, so think about your mood. Were you happy or were you scared, confused or surprised? It's just a matter of remembering an important clue, after that, it will be easier to find the path that will lead to memories.

5. Think and ask about past moments: Try to return to a memory from the point you can remember. If you can remember a part of the dream, ask yourself how you got there or how certain objects appeared there. Did you find them, were they given to you? One fragment will usually lead to another. The dream will begin to take shape and your memory will be impelled to remember more.

6. Take note of your dreams: Once you remember them, or at least an important part, take note of them in a small notebook that you can have in the evening table or next to the bed. Writing about our dreams will help us remember them more efficiently and achieve lucid dreams.

These steps are general, you can try them to try to remember most dreams you have, the first step to achieving lucid dreams. Tell us Do you have any other technique that allows you to remember your dreams?

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