Which Psychic Abilities Is Most Prominent In You?

Which Psychic Abilities Is Most Prominent In You?

Have you ever met someone who seems to "know" things that would be impossible to know or even, in a way, predict the future? Most likely, they have taken advantage of their internal extra-sensory talents. If you want to develop your own intuitions, a good starting point is to first know the main types of psychic abilities. You may discover that you are already receiving these gifts!
The six main types of intuitive skills that we will explore here, called clairs (French - clear), have to do with perceiving and receiving spiritual information. They are related to the five physical senses, and you may discover that you are more in tune with the psychic abilities associated with your more vivid physical senses. For example, if you have a particularly sharp view, you may discover that you are naturally clairvoyant.

With some practice, anyone can tune their natural psychic abilities, here we present the six main types. To which do you belong?

1. See: Perhaps the best known and least understood psychic talent is clairvoyance and is that most of the time this sense is not as dramatic as it is portrayed in the cinema or other media. Someone who is clairvoyant does not necessarily have clear visions or "sees" the future. The power is more subtle than that.

Perhaps you could only suddenly have in mind the idea of a particular symbol, number or color. You are "seeing" it, but you may not understand what the vision is trying to tell you. Has it ever happened to you? Remember that not all the things you see physically should be taken literally. However, if the ability is strong within you, you can get to the point where you see it coming.

2. Hear: It may sound strange, but those who are hearing can "hear" messages that are beyond the domain of physical ears. We are talking about phenomena that most people can not hear, such as psychic sounds, voices, music, etc.

Sometimes, it is as dramatic as an "inner voice" that gives you a specific command, such as going somewhere, moving in a specific direction or even stopping what you are doing. The hearing mediums are those who can receive messages from entities that have passed to a different plane, such as deceased ancestors or loved ones.

3. Feeling: Sometimes we will call "empathic" someone who is very sensitive to the feelings of others. In short, these people have a very sharp feeling. This is the ability to intuit physical sensations, feelings or emotions. Empathy is just one way of it. They may have difficulty being close to people because they feel everything very intensely, something that leaves them overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. Every once in a while, we all feel tired of being around people who are "depressed" or feel the energy of someone who is very excited. This is our internal feeling.

When your clarity is strong, you can even detect the feelings of others, like when someone is lying or even physically sick. It is something that you can simply feel.

4. Knowing: You may not have learned the facts or the logic behind a concept, but you can still know it naturally. Sometimes it is as simple as distrusting someone. From time to time it is as dramatic as deciding not to travel and then that vehicle undergoes an altercation. Obviously, guiding internal knowledge can have a powerful importance. When you have done this, sometimes intuitive random thoughts will enter your head.

5. Tasting: Sometimes, suddenly we get a strange taste in the mouth. A simple example is that you can "savor" a cake while you're getting ready to go to work, then go to your workplace and find out someone celebrated a birthday and brought a piece of cake to share. Has that happened to you? Mediums who have an amplified clarification can often savor the types of foods that were once favorite, for example, from a spiritual being with whom they are communicating.

6. Smell: The last psychic capacity that we will explore today is the intuitive smell. Sometimes from nothing we can get a strong sense like the smell of a meadow full of flowers, where we physically pass at some time days, months or years before. Mediums with a strong sense of this ability will sometimes be able to detect, for example, the deceased favorite perfume which family members find very comforting. The sense of smell is strongly associated with memory, and if we strengthen this ability we can become powerful beings in ways we normally do not think about when talking about these skills.

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