Why Long Distance Relationship Fail?

Why Long Distance Relationship Fail?

Currently, long-distance relationships are not an unknown topic, as many couples opt for this way to maintain a loving contact despite being in different places in the world. But do distance relationships really work? Because let's be honest, when we fall in love, the first thing we want is contact with the other, and to know it well, closeness is necessary.

Today we will see some of the reasons that certify in many cases why long-distance relationships do not work for most people.
  • Lack of communication
You will think that with all the tools of technology that we have today, lack of communication will not be a problem, but face-to-face communication always gives us a better perspective of the relationship. Although sometimes they can deceive us "in person" this is much easier when a telephone or a computer is involved, which makes communication and therefore trust more difficult to secure.

  • Need for physical contact
When we are in a relationship, physical contact is necessary, especially for men, because their hormones (and cultural beliefs) lead them to think and act as if that were the only thing that matters in a relationship.
  • They do not get to know each other well
When you have a long-distance relationship, most likely you only communicate a few times a day, and the safest is that you want to show your best (which happens on the other side as well), which is why it is difficult to meet the another, because generally the best face of the subject is shown and you do not get to know all the facets of your partner's personality at a distance.
  • Uncertain future
If you are in a relationship at a distance it is because obviously, both components of the couple have many kilometres apart, which sometimes makes the future uncertain. Would you change your whole life to go after a person that maybe you do not really know well? Would you be able to leave your affections and the security of what you know to change city or country?
  • Trust and fidelity at risk
If many times when we have our partner next to us it is difficult for us to maintain trust or suffer an episode of infidelity, imagine the situation at a long distance; since our long-distance partner may think that there is less chance of us finding out if he throws a "little stick in the air" and does it without any remorse.

While these reasons can make a long-distance relationship not work, there are many other ways to keep it that can help you if you are in that situation.

What do you think of long-distance relationships? Do they work or not?

“ Some of the toughest things in this world are to really want someone and not have them around you. Those are the times when you don’t know what to do. All you can do for is wait.”
- Tamara Louis

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